For the love of gaming

Thumbyte is a small indie game studio based in Columbus, Ohio, USA, that specializes in Android and iOS games and apps.
Thumbyte's goal is to provide you with pixelated retro platform gaming that has a nostalgic look and feel.
Thumbyte also offers consulting services to companies or indie developers who are looking for help in mobile or web technology.

The bleeding edge

Thumbyte works on the bleeding edge of mobile and web development and is dedicated to delivering high quality software that meets your needs. If you want to work with me please shoot me an email at

The one person team


My name is Austin and I'm the founder/CEO/owner of Thumbyte, as well as a full stack developer in Android, iOS, and .NET with over 10 years of experience. I'm new to pixel art, social marketing, and the indie game scene. I love games and have been gaming since age 10.